My new artist statement….Monkey See, Monkey Do


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My work is a critique of the social and cultural issues surrounding the modification of the female body. Born in Ecuador and raised in South Florida has made me highly aware of the disparities of cultural values. My work is the result of research on the anthropology of sex appeal, learned social behavior and the studies on attraction. Through biological and evolutionary evidence I have found there’s a large amount of similarities between us and animals.  Therefore I use animals to parallel our social structures and methods of mating. Like in most societies there’s a ranking system, American culture has place sex appeal on top.  I feel through this obsession with the ‘Porn Star’ perfect body we are losing individuality and have created the acceptance of objectification.

In my work I create ink, watercolor and pastel drawings of hybrids of female humans and animals to parallel social behaviors, sexual habits or social ranking.  I create scenes of fights, climbing to the top and mating; all showing competition and exposing their large enhanced breasts and butt implants. My work varies in mediums. I’m often inspired by photographs of wild animals such as monkeys, goats, sheep, and fish when I’m reminded of similar behavior traits or physical features we share with them. I’m interested in creating work that is humorous and can translate an awareness of how culture trends are leading to self-evolution by learned behavior (Monkey see, Monkey do).  When analyzing this cultural shift from a scientific point you realize that it’s not about self-esteem (like most of the answers that are given by women who get plastic surgery; self-esteem doesn’t exist without the influence of others) but it’s about attracting another mate, reproducing, and creating “better” human traits.  It’s ingrained in us to classify certain body parts that associate with fertility, status, and health from our ancestral needs. In reality we don’t change our DNA when we do breast augmentations and butt implants for vanity reasons, therefore are creating  a false world that in the end only makes us more materialized and objectified.

 I view the cultural trends of breast augmentation, butt implants, and lip enhancements as fake beauty because it’s objectifying women, affecting self-values, and creating a false world. Demeaning stereotypes are also occurring within this cultural shift despite women’s true identities. In my work I switch the roles of animals, creating them also victims of the domino effects of plastic surgery. I would like for people to reflect on how women have become their worst enemies by being part of the Sheeple generation, competing against one another and how the ‘ideal’ porn body image is influencing today and the future. I believe women should value themselves intellectually and not physically because being unique is being beautiful!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


The Here and No Where


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Every day is a challenge. Today I sit here wondering why, how, and when did I get here.
Feeling unsatisfied with my work, feeling lost from all the criticism, feeling confused about life decisions……where do you go when you keep getting pushed away from what your hand and mind are telling you to do? Who’s right when it comes to telling you what’s good in art, art scholars, your art friends, your professors, the public? I’m up to the point that i don’t even know what I want to make anymore…everytime I doubt myself and become paralyzed. The urge of making is gone. I’m depleted, and feeling hopeless.

Everyone has their own opinion on what direction “art” is going or should go. What the hell….I just want to make art that makes sense to me, so what it’s too obvious, or objective, or direct. I’m making a statement not a damn puzzle but of course the art scholars what to sit there and stare at the wall with a piece of wood, silicone and hair and say that it has wonder, it can be many things, you can question it.

How do you make work that has a purpose and a statement and create a moment of wonder? Or at least a puzzle so you can stand there and stare and ask….as if an object is going to come out and start talking? My problem is my work is screaming a statement and it’s too quick for others or they just don’t care about the subject. Perhaps it’s the second one. Ok, I get it that no one really will ever care so much about the things that I care about, so how do you merge your passion and interests into art that people will want to collect and admire?

I’m so fed up with what is Art…or should I say High Art. It’s either one way or the other.

Art is like playing the lottery, and so perhaps I will never win.

My night rant on the last week of grad school….

What is Sex Really Selling?

Interesting blog- thoughts on sex appeal and it’s history through advertisements

Everywhere you turn, you see it — advertisements that feature models in seductive poses or racy images that entice customers to purchase the product. Advertisers are increasingly utilizing the theory that “sex sells” in order to promote their products. Why? Because it works.

 The link between sex and advertising has been traced back all the way to the beginning of advertising in the 19th century. One of the earliest known advertisements that used sex to sell were trading cards tobacco companies placed into their cigarettes packages. These collectible cards featured women wearing scandalous outfits (for their time) with excessive skin exposure, encouraging men to smoke a specific brand of cigarettes.

 However, the use of erotic images in advertising didn’t stop there. Later in the 19th century, Woodbury’s Facial Soap released an advertisement suggesting intimacy between a man and women. With the tag line, “A Skin You Love to Touch,” the…

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My thoughts on The REAL Women Movement


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Yes feminism is about having a choice but it’s also about having equal power, respect, and income as men. It’s not about using sex appeal to retrieve all those things. It’s about using your intelligence and self-respect to be empowered. It all started with the “Ideal” American women icon from the 50’s – Marilyn Monroe. A beautiful natural women named Norma Jean with light brown hair, natural curves, and large breast. Unfortunately she had a bad childhood where she was sexually assaulted. This resulted in her being able to accept objectification through out her career, creating herself into someone else- a character named Marilyn Monroe. Changed name, changed hair color, changed face, and an “ideal” image of what women should look like was created. Madonna followed, Pamela Anderson, Cameron Electra, Holly Madison, etc…..a culture trend started to evolve. All who follow are sheeps who forget to appreciate how they were born, they don’t know how to feel empowered with looking different from what they see in the media. Their self-esteem is affected and they are brainwashed thinking we are all suppose to follow the “ideal” women figure. In reality the fake breast, fake lips, fake butt implants are just pure materialistic, attracting people for the wrong reasons- sex appeal= sex, instead for what’s in the inside. It’s like a facade, a mask, and in reality real men don’t appreciate it and the ones that do are normally the ones that only care about having a trophy wife, materialistic men, who tend to cheat because they will never be pleased. We can’t escape age! I’m completely for the Real Women Movement! It’s about teaching women to embrace their true beauty instead of changing themselves to portray an ideal image of what the media has been blasting to us over the last two centuries. There’s a difference between working your ass off to tone your body for yourself, to feel accomplished and then there’s the women who make a doctor appointment to change their appearance. Love yourself for who you are and not what you can change into. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

My absense


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It’s been a long time since my last post. I feel ashamed for not staying up to date with my blog but I have my good reasons. In the last year, I planned my wedding which took my entire life and mind to do. Finally our wedding day came on 11/10/12 and it was a total success minus the lack of gray linens I requested but I survived without them. Then I went on our pre-honeymoon to Ecuador to see my family and travel the country. It had been eleven years that I hadn’t returned to visit, so a lot had changed, minus the dirty streets and poverty levels which still exist. The nature life of Ecuador still maintains beautiful! Visited many waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, and beaches! We have soo many pictures that I’ve been lazy and have held back from posting them because I know it will be a lot of work since I’m picky about having them orientated in the correct format. I also finally graduated this month, earning honor roll stature and a BFA in Fine Art.

Now trying to catch up with lose ends. Hoping to find a school where I can conduct a huge research I would like to conduct on American and their views on plastic surgery for vanity purposes. And of course many other topics which I will keep to myself for now.

If anyone has any good school recommendations that will consist of a school with strong Fine Art program and is research base school please feel free to leave me your suggestions.

Rococo Fragonard’s The Swing – Smarthistory


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Rococo Fragonard's The Swing – Smarthistory.

I took an 18th century art course about two years ago and it really helped me appreciate most traditional classical type of paintings. This particular painting, is one of my favorites and I found a cool video explaining the hidden symbolisms. It’s quite interesting how a painting can mask sexual tensions. For some reason I feel like this painting was more personal to the artist than what paintings were to artists back in the Enlightment period.

Nathalie Djurberg does a video in reference to this painting:
The Swing, 2005
Video (color, sound), Ed. 4/4
Duration: 5 min. 35 sec.