About – www.nathaliacalderon.com

What I can tell you about myself is that I love making art, thinking art, breathing art, and hope one day I can impact with my art to a mass audience. I think many don’t know how to appreciate art because they were never taught how to read art, observe it and absorb it. Art education is very important and it’s the one thing school systems don’t spend enough time or effort into. Working in the art industry has made me realized art isn’t just something to put in your home to enjoy or to view in a museum, it’s an investment, it’s a piece of gold. Art is valuable but you are responsible to make it worth as much as gold. We as artist are responsible to exist, create, and make an impact in the world. Art now days are either conceptual or formal. I believe in something and have high hopes for the future, so why not try to make a difference bringing awareness to the issues/subject matter to the public through our art?

Art is just a language that speaks in a visual or sound sense instead of words.

Being an artist means making art of what’s important to me, which involves a lot of issues that impact women, children, and the self-esteem and my “other” art is my love for dogs. I don’t think I can combined them together but I feel content as of the moment doing what I do.


3 thoughts on “About – www.nathaliacalderon.com”

  1. Well written , I would take ages to write so much about me 🙂

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