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Yes feminism is about having a choice but it’s also about having equal power, respect, and income as men. It’s not about using sex appeal to retrieve all those things. It’s about using your intelligence and self-respect to be empowered. It all started with the “Ideal” American women icon from the 50’s – Marilyn Monroe. A beautiful natural women named Norma Jean with light brown hair, natural curves, and large breast. Unfortunately she had a bad childhood where she was sexually assaulted. This resulted in her being able to accept objectification through out her career, creating herself into someone else- a character named Marilyn Monroe. Changed name, changed hair color, changed face, and an “ideal” image of what women should look like was created. Madonna followed, Pamela Anderson, Cameron Electra, Holly Madison, etc…..a culture trend started to evolve. All who follow are sheeps who forget to appreciate how they were born, they don’t know how to feel empowered with looking different from what they see in the media. Their self-esteem is affected and they are brainwashed thinking we are all suppose to follow the “ideal” women figure. In reality the fake breast, fake lips, fake butt implants are just pure materialistic, attracting people for the wrong reasons- sex appeal= sex, instead for what’s in the inside. It’s like a facade, a mask, and in reality real men don’t appreciate it and the ones that do are normally the ones that only care about having a trophy wife, materialistic men, who tend to cheat because they will never be pleased. We can’t escape age! I’m completely for the Real Women Movement! It’s about teaching women to embrace their true beauty instead of changing themselves to portray an ideal image of what the media has been blasting to us over the last two centuries. There’s a difference between working your ass off to tone your body for yourself, to feel accomplished and then there’s the women who make a doctor appointment to change their appearance. Love yourself for who you are and not what you can change into. ImageImageImageImageImageImage