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It’s been a long time since my last post. I feel ashamed for not staying up to date with my blog but I have my good reasons. In the last year, I planned my wedding which took my entire life and mind to do. Finally our wedding day came on 11/10/12 and it was a total success minus the lack of gray linens I requested but I survived without them. Then I went on our pre-honeymoon to Ecuador to see my family and travel the country. It had been eleven years that I hadn’t returned to visit, so a lot had changed, minus the dirty streets and poverty levels which still exist. The nature life of Ecuador still maintains beautiful! Visited many waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, and beaches! We have soo many pictures that I’ve been lazy and have held back from posting them because I know it will be a lot of work since I’m picky about having them orientated in the correct format. I also finally graduated this month, earning honor roll stature and a BFA in Fine Art.

Now trying to catch up with lose ends. Hoping to find a school where I can conduct a huge research I would like to conduct on American and their views on plastic surgery for vanity purposes. And of course many other topics which I will keep to myself for now.

If anyone has any good school recommendations that will consist of a school with strong Fine Art program and is research base school please feel free to leave me your suggestions.