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I find beauty in the simple things. Have you ever found yourself admiring the lines or texture of something, more than what piece was about? Martin Creed creates nothing into art.
He creates the experience the viewer has to his piece the art. Some don’t understand or think it’s foolish to make an empty room with flashing lights into a piece it’s self but should we give a minute of our day to admire what’s around us, appreciate the air we breathe, the space we encounter? Martin Creed is one of my favorite artist that doesn’t worry about making the perfect piece, all he wants is for the viewer to be able to make of whatever we want of his work. The video attach might look very simple but if you hear him explaining how he came up with it, it’s pure genius. Same with the video he made of people puking. Doesn’t look pleasant but the narative and plot of the entire video makes sense when he compares it to the feeling of making art, or the process of making art. Might sound discussing but in reality it’s very similar. In the first clip, a girl trys to make her self vomit but can’t as much as she trys, this goes on, and on with different people, one be able to puke more than the last one, and ends up with a person fully and massively puking. If you can’t find yourself relating to this is how you feel when you make art, then maybe you’re not trying hard enough. Creating work, is a long process, starts in you head, developes through your mind and hands, and then outcomes completely different from where you started. Sometimes it’s hard to get out from inside our ideas onto actual objects, spaces, or even words.