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PlayDoll, 2012

It definitely took a different direction from what it started as of as in my mind. At first I planned on reversing the Playboy logo and carving it out of chicken breast and hanging it on the wall with huge breast and pantyhoses. But somehow after discussing it with my professor, I was eared to make a doll instead.
Creating fabric patterns from my head for making this doll wasn’t easy, especially after having issues with the sewing machine. Uggh! But finally minutes away from mid-night I have finished!

This doll represents the influence of Playboy on the American culture and force expectations of what beauty should be.
Did you know the original Playboy bunny outfits were all sized D-cup, girls had to stuff their bras to create cleavage where they could store their tips, they were also force to wear nude nylons under their black nylons so all the girls had the same skin tone. The molded idea that the perfect woman should be a blonde, blue eyes, size D-cup, and a tiny waist is unreal.

The reality of beauty comes in many colors, sizes, and comes from within. When will the American culture learn to relect moral values, instead of vanity to the youth??